Friday, June 22, 2012

Strip Search

Here's a quick attempt I made at a graphic novel excerpt.  I was facing writer's and artist's blocks and wasn't sure what to do so I just did what I know.  Sittin' in an office, hatin' on my job.  Keep in mind this doesn't look like me (I don't even have close to the amount of hair this guy has and I don't smoke)and my office isn't that big, nor do we have that many employees.  But I do work off a flat screen monitor.  I didn't bother drawing perfect frames or worrying about spacing.  I just drew it quick, inked it and later on colored it in.

Click to make bigger.  Bigger make read better.

Silly, no?  Here's some other "excerpts" I did when I had a free minute on some note paper.  There's no more than what you see.  I just made it look like they're part of a bigger story.  One of these times I'll have an idea good enough to expand on.

I always thought that it might make a neat story if Nosferatu never died in the movie and instead lives quietly alone in an apartment complex.  Then his neighbor would bring him terrible news articles and he'd go get vengeance on the villains.

Here's me and my partner in crime, Nick.  We work on animated shorts under the name: Illumation.  Here's a peek at our story development process.  Basically we just jabber on at each other until one of us says something worth making... like Eagles!  You can check out our blog at for other fun nonsense.

I know, I know.  The whole "aliens and their lack of sexual interaction" joke has been done enough.  It seems like we're always making them way too interested in our asses or we make them out to be a bunch eunuchs.  Oh, well.  I gave her a belly button though so you know she didn't come from no egg!

I'm sure I'll send more of these down the road.  Maybe next time in color!

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