Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Month Monsters

If you're like me, and I'm going to assume you are, you probably have one of those tacky calendars hanging up in your office that you got from some rep promoting their business or a family member that thought the thing you needed most in your life was monthly pictures of pugs in "cute" outfits.  And you probably stare at that calendar, month after month, wishing that it would metamorphosize into the inspirational and motivational bulletin it was intended to be.  Well, this doesn't exactly inspire anything, but it's fun, easy and takes you away from what you've been paid to do for a little while.

April - Abigail.  All little monsters like to hang upside down.  Just like my little girl.

May - Mitchell.  Rockin' an '80s cell phone and hoping to get some reception.

June - Jeffrey.  He's just a hairy cycloptopus takin' a bath.
I was given a classy American Landscape calendar from an isurance agancy somehow and I noticed that there was always soemthing missing from them.  Every month there was this beautiful scenery with a big hole in it.  And what fills holes?  Monsters, of course.  So I've decided at each month to add a creature of some sort into these majestic landscapes using only the basic office supplies: pencil, pen, highlighters, scissors, and tape.  I would have used a glue stick if our Purchasing Manager wouldn't be so cheap, or if we hadn't laid off our Purchasing Manager.  Oh well.

"Well I don't have a lanscape calendar and I can't draw" you might say.  No worries.  You can apply the same idea to almost any calendar and you don't need to draw anything if you don't want to.  Have a kitten calendar?  Take facial features (eyes, mouths, etc) from pictures of celebrities or coworkers and put them over the felines. Pictures of horses getting on your nerves? Deck them out in stickers and ads like they belong in Nascar.  Girls in bikinis?  Well, if you have to do something I suppose you could give them hilarious tattoos.  Or for added fun, do it to your coworkers' calendars and see how long it takes them to notice.

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  1. I like the way you think. Btw, I laughed out loud at your calendar monsters--esp. the upside down blue guy.