Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meeting Minute Mad Libs

Here's a little game you can play while you're sitting waiting for the meeting to end and hoping that no one else decides to bring up an issue that will keep everyone there another half hour.  If your meeting has minutes or notes printed out for everyone, try picking out certain words to create a funny sentence.  You can highlight, underline or circle the words (I suggest you do it lightly so no one else catches on to what you're doing). 

Here's one that I did during a meeting.  I later went back over all the other text with a marker so you could see the specific words I chose.  The sentence now reads "Charlie recommended A hard set of caulk be installed up Ben".

  A childish choice, I know, but it kept me entertained during the two hour snoozer.  I also drew a monkey.  Remember to keep a serious face while you're going through and picking out the words.  Make it look like you're really studying the notes.  Then later you can write them all down on sticky notes and post them around the office for more fun.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My sentiments...exactly.

If you're like me, you probably don't care too much for the job you're in right now.  But, with the economy being in the shape it's in currently, you don't really have the opportunity to just drop everything and say...oh, I dunno...become a undersea explorer or bounty hunter.  You probably have a family or pets that like to eat.  So you go to work, do your job, get your cash money, and hope you still have your boring job tomorrow.

Well this is a tribute to what really goes on in my head while I'm sitting in the typical meetings that most people call "bored meetings".  Here I'll post my doodles and thoughts and hopefully provide some ideas on how you can help pass the time away silently in your meetings without letting anyone else in the room know that you haven't been paying any attention.

Here's a few of my sketches I did during a late night staff meeting.